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Using American Hero Books

American Hero Books were created for infant-preschool age children. The images and text depict Service Members doing things common to a regular day, AND the specialty formatting allows pictures to be inserted over those printed in the books so the child can “see” their own parent at work. The books are constructed from sturdy laminated board so that kids can hold, play with, and interact with them safely, and each page has an acetate sheet over the pictures so pictures stay safe from even too much kissing!

Though created for young children our books were designed to grow with the child. Below are some book features that you can use to help your children get the most out of American Hero Books no matter what their ages:

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Beneath the Roots:
Thriving as a Military Family

deployment family picture

Family picture deployment style

On My Own and Losing Heart

We are told that tough choices need to be made. We are told that training and equipment are so costly that salaries need to be cut. We are told that less pay equals better discipline. But we are also told that families matter, that Marines can’t do their jobs without support on the home-front.

Well I am the home-front and I have been carrying the load for a long time. I have been strong and resilient. I have been disciplined and compassionate. I have done everything required of me, and more. But I am tired and I am now also disheartened.

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Heart Star Press is an independent book publisher focused on producing "insert your own picture books" and other tools that help families with unique challenges stay connected.

We were founded by a military spouse who was trying to find ways to keep her husband present in the daily lives of their children while he was away for frequent training, deployments, and other duty. Our goal is to provide quality products that help promote family resiliency when the extraordinary becomes ordinary.