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Books for Military Kids

American Hero Books® are the award winning insert your own picture books for the infant through preschool age children of US Service Members and First Responders. These books teach about the very important job the parent does and help the young child understand and feel proud of Mommy or Daddy. AND by inserting your own picture over those printed in the book, the child can see his or her own parent at work – which helps to foster connection while that parent is away during training and deployment.

Each book is filled with the colors, language, and imagery representative of the specific service branch and gender of the Service Member parent. And the wording used is perfect to read to a baby or young child, or for beginning readers to enjoy on their own.

Military Child Resilience

Children in military families are faced with many challenges such as: frequent moves, new schools; separation from their parent(s) due to training and deployment, and the additional worry about the safety of their parent(s). Research has shown that maintaining the family connection is a critical part of the child’s ability to adapt positively and be resilient through these challenges.  As part of a healthy daily routine, American Hero Books® can alleviate some of the stress and anxiety that comes with separation, change, and uncertainty. American Hero Books®:

  • Focus on what the the parent does on a daily basis so that deployment or oner duties can be seen as an extension of the primary job;
  • Present the story and parent in a book that is gender and service specific to avoid confusion;
  • Keep the parent present in the child’s daily life so that even when separated the child can still see Daddy or Mommy and what he/she is doing;
  • Provide a tangible resource in the midst of change and uncertainty.

American Hero Books® focus on the full scope of the job the service member parent does and why. So while our books are great during deployment or separation, they are not written exclusively for those times. As our military operations in Afghanistan are winding down and we hopefully see the return of peacetime operations, these books will continue to be relevant.

military child resilience

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