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Beyond the book – Reading as a bonding experience

04 Jan
military child resilience

Reading with children is so much more than just saying the words on the page. Asking questions about what the child sees and pointing out details on the page help a simple story to become a real bonding experience. American Hero Books®: My Daddy is a Marine and American Hero Books®: My Mommy is a Marine feature many details that allow the Marine parent to engage the child beyond the book.

When you are reading to your child take the time to point out some of these features and talk about them in context to your personal experience. For example show your child your uniforms, or point out your medals and discuss what you did to earn them. Talk about life in the field, or on ship, or in garrison. You can even take a field trip on base and count how many EGAs you spot. And it’s always a riot to see who can “bark” the loudest! Make reading this book an experience that your child will remember regardless of how many miles or months may separate you. And if you do have to be apart remember to send home pictures to be added into the book, so that the story is always current and that your child sees that you are always in his/her life.